Without a doubt, Health Connection Laughter was a huge hit at our annual Health and Safety Day.

Janice was able to design sessions specifically for our team in the HVAC industry. She was able to speak in terms that showed she understood what challenges our team might face on a daily basis and how to gain the most benefit from this coping technique. The team all left with practical strategies they could use every day when they need to release stress, by using laughter yoga.

There have been many times since we had the sessions that our team members have mentioned that we just need to laugh it out and release the stress. Janice is a truly engaging and effective professional who delivers a tailor made program! My team of 80 loved it and still use it!.

I would highly recommend Janice Smith and Health Connection Laughter for your place of business or community group.

― Linda Pizzolitto – Operations Manager Reliance Home Comfort